Month: September 2014

IT Staffing

Congratulations to ePeople Owner & CEO, Dwayne Spurlock!

Congratulations William C. Byham, Julie Smith and Dwayne Spurlock who received the received the 2014 St. Barnabas Leadership Award ! Dwayne Spurlock (Owner & CEO of ePeople – eKidzCare) William C. Byham (Chairman & CEO of Development Dimensions International) Julie […]

Need your CPR Certification?

Need your CPR Certification?? Start the Heart has a local class in Wexford that does CPR training once a week! Please click on the link below for more information.   Other CPR Training Resources

The Nurse’s Survival Guide to Autumn

1. Set up a clandestine IV drip of Benadryl now, before it’s too late. Hay fever is no laughing matter…especially when you’re working 12-hour shifts. You can cut the diphenhydramine with caffeine if you really need to; just titrate the […]