Habits of Highly Successful Nurses

They Pay Attention to Detail

They notice everything, down to the smallest detail. Everything from the overflowing trashcan in a patient’s room to the outdated IV tubing, all the way down to the error on their home medication list. Not only do they recognize the details, but they address them in the most timely manner. They leave nothing to chance.

They Don’t Take Shortcuts

Shortcuts are those dastardly things that reduce time spent by skipping steps. Most would admit that shortcuts are harmless and ultimately are for the good of the whole process, but the most successful nurses will not only never take a shortcut, but also they will be the first to correct another nurse’s. Patient safety cannot be ensured when any step is skipped. Period.

They Never Rush

For some strange reason, they are never hurried. They are deliberate and defined in everything they do, down to the smallest detail. No matter how much of a madhouse the day may reveal, the most successful never let their feathers get ruffled. And they just keep smiling.

They Never Stop Learning

It doesn’t matter how many years they’ve been nurses, it doesn’t matter how many different areas of nursing they have experienced, it doesn’t matter how vast their education extends–their minds are always open to learning. No matter how small or how minute, they are willing and wanting to always learn something new, even if it’s simply a new way of doing something they already know how to perform.

They Dress for Success

Whether they’re wearing their scrubs or their professional attire, it’s crisp, clean and sharp. Some may go far enough to iron or press their employer-required scrubs. They take pride in how they look, but you’ll never see them “gussied up” in any way. They’re always professional.


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