Open Interviews on October 17th!!

Help us spread the word! We are holding open interviews on October 17th from 8:30am to 3pm. If you or anyone you know is looking for work as a RN, LPN, CNA, Aide, Admin, or MA, please stop by our […]

IT Staffing

Congratulations to ePeople Owner & CEO, Dwayne Spurlock!

Congratulations William C. Byham, Julie Smith and Dwayne Spurlock who received the received the 2014 St. Barnabas Leadership Award ! Dwayne Spurlock (Owner & CEO of ePeople – eKidzCare) William C. Byham (Chairman & CEO of Development Dimensions International) Julie […]

Need your CPR Certification?

Need your CPR Certification?? Start the Heart has a local class in Wexford that does CPR training once a week! Please click on the link below for more information.   Other CPR Training Resources

The Nurse’s Survival Guide to Autumn

1. Set up a clandestine IV drip of Benadryl now, before it’s too late. Hay fever is no laughing matter…especially when you’re working 12-hour shifts. You can cut the diphenhydramine with caffeine if you really need to; just titrate the […]

Funny Nurse to Patient Miscommunications

We’ve all had patients who mixed up our instructions. Here are the top 10 funniest miscommunications sent to! 1. The ol’ yogurt for the yeast infection? Um, yeah…you were supposed to EAT it. 2. The father who calls from work about “the […]

Use This Handwash Style! – Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals

Check out this funny video Barnet & Chase Farm Hospital Nurses created about hand washing 🙂

The Generation Shift in the Nursing Workforce

By Jennifer Larson, contributor at Your generation says a lot about you to your nurse colleagues. Of course, you are ultimately responsible for your own reputation, but if your co-workers understood your world views–and you knew more about the hallmarks […]

Two new products to reduce the spread of germs!

Two new products aim to reduce the amount of germs spread by focusing on altering the handles themselves rather than relying on those using the doors to take necessary precautions. A New Kind of Coating The first development is Alasept, […]

CEO Selected as a 2014 Diamond Award Winner by the Pittsburgh Business Times

ePeople Healthcare and eKidzCare’s CEO Selected as a 2014 Diamond Award Winner by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Dwayne Spurlock, CEO and Owner of ePeople Healthcare and eKidzCare, was named a 2014 Diamond Award winner by the Pittsburgh Business Times. Dwayne’s […]