Better Nurse Staffing Saves Lives

Better Nurse Staffing Saves Lives

Better Nurse Staffing Saves Lives

Once again a study has found that the better a facility’s nurse staffing levels, the lower patient mortality is as a result.

This most recent study was published this week in JAMA Surgery. Data was drawn from nearly 26,000 Medicare general surgery patients who had been treated between 2004 and 2006 in Illinois, Texas, and New York hospitals. It found that the better staffed with nurses a hospital was, the less likely it was that a patient would die or be sent to ICU.

Beyond the benefits to patient care and mortality rates, the study found that the total cost of surgery stayed around $27,000 regardless of if it was a higher or lower staffed hospital.

Lead study author Dr. Jeffrey Silber, Director of the Center for Outcomes Research at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia said that hospitals that had staffed better had “a formula for excellent value.”

While the debate over nurse staffing certainly continues, it is helpful to access studies such as the recent JAMA Surgery report to help guide your hospital’s staffing strategies!

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