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Leveraging the “Services Chain” to provide our clients with the best available talent for their needs. We have recently seen the emergence of the virtual services chain (or supply chain for services) in the Human Capital and IT industry. This services chain encompasses the complex and distributed processes that connect managers, employees, and contractors of both hiring organizations and service-providers in our industry. At ePeople, we have learned how to leverage this services chain and our comprehensive candidate and selection methodology to more effectively manage and procure the best human capital for our clients.

ePeople has built a large pool of talented IT professionals for:

  • Internet application development
  • Client/server design and development
  • ERP package implementation and customization
  • CRM package implementation and customization
  • Applications maintenance programming
  • Database and system administration
  • We also specialize in Healthcare Payer and Provider positions:

CIOs, VPs, Directors, Project/Program Managers (PM), Implementation Managers, SMEs, Developers, Web Programmers, Software Architects, Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Business Analysts (BSA, BA), Configuration Analysts, Quality Assurance Analysts, Implementation Specialists, and Help Desk Support Analysts for the following healthcare products:

QNXT, Facets, NetworX, HealthRules, AMISYS-Advance, Diamond, and other healthcare applications.

To assure that you get the best available candidate, ePeople IT professionals have to meet challenging technical and experience standards and complete a multi-stage interview process including:

An initial interview with an ePeople Resource Manager and an in-depth technical interview with our Technical Interview Committee Subject Matter Experts.

Tests such as Brainbench and TechCheck to benchmark and quantify specific technical skills.

An interview with an Engagement Manager to assess client interaction skills and suitability for assignment.